green juice for what ails you

Everyone is talking about green juicing. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, but I try to do it at least once a week. Fortunately, it’s that wonderful time of year when produce is cheaper and will eventually be locally available at farmer’s markets. So far, I’ve managed to grab pineapple, a few apples, spinach, kale, carrots and some other things for around five dollars. Not bad for one person, and I manage to stretch the juice for a while.

My first attempt was loads of deliciousness and since I NEVER measure anything while I cook (baking is a different story), I tend to just throw whatever looks good into my blender. To sum it up, it included kale, spinach, carrots, two Fuji apples, green tea, fresh pineapple and 100% apple juice. I also drizzled a bit of RAW honey (fights allergies better than Claritin). Pulverize and go.

Spring also marks the time I get an ulcer flare-up. Of course, the Ulcer Express rolled into the station promptly this year and I spent a couple days keeping my stomach full with crackers, rice and probiotic yogurt. I was reading online for holistic and natural methods of treating an ulcer and saw that this juice trend — or eating anything green helps repair stomach lining. I moseyed on up to Lori’s Natural Foods and purchased a couple packets of green powder. I could kick myself because I really wish caught the name before I tossed the packets out. Anyway, this stuff I’m sure is like any other packaged “green” powder that you mix with water or juice. The directions called for one 8 ounce glass of water or juice for mixing, but I added it to a larger bottle, and still noticed this powder creates a sludgy consistency. The powder is packed with a LONG list of ingredients, including vegetables, seaweed, wheatgrass, herbs and vitamins. The packet advertises 26 billion probiotics in each packet. So, the taste? Like super gross lake water. I ended up mixing my sludge juice with apple juice. It was palatable after that. After drinking my green concoction with a streamlined diet of clean rice and bananas and green tea (the polyphenols also help the stomach lining as well!), the hunger pangs, general pain and crabby mood seemed to vanish.


Have you jumped on board the juice train? What are you drinking lately?


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