Depression and the small business owner

charlie-brown-depressedAt times, depression can just creep up and hit you like a ton of bricks. Being a business owner, depression can be a nasty entity that rolls in when there may be financial woes, lack of help or just slow performance. Or, it may seem that everything you are attempting to do to make your business come out on top is just a waste of time.

Running a business is like a roller coaster. There is that excitement–the jerks and turns of success and motivation–then the ride’s over. You lose focus, become lazy and tired of all of that hard work.

Obviously, you need to find a way out. Depression for the small business owner is similar and different from the typical depression case of a non-business owner. Fears of failure, letting people down and money are major factors that can drive a person into feeling strung out, possibly drinking or binge-eating. I know myself, this goes in waves. A slow month comes after a good month, there’s family, there’s bills and yes, those cookies look so good I think I’ll have one OR FIVE. Before you know it, the cookies are gone and the feelings get worse.

Once you’ve slipped into the mentally lonesome “No Man’s Land,” you need to find a way out. As soon as possibly feasible, because your business depends on it.

What can you do to break the cycle? Sure, a vacation sounds wonderful, but what can you do to get a fix? Walking and running are free, of course. So is watching television to get a short break. Go out with someone and chat about anything that is not work-related. Just remember, some things may work now, but may not work the next time the wheel stops and lands at another bout of depression. You can only figure out what works for you.

Before you know it, you can get back into the groove of things. Remember: your business needs you and you need the strength to carry on.


One thought on “Depression and the small business owner

  1. Convinced that they are somehow responsible for the transformation, or that its explanation
    is perhaps embarrassing and best kept hidden from others,
    they guard their secret. Depression is a very serious mental
    illness, but it is one that can be controlled
    with medication and therapy. A second person loses his job and goes
    into a deep depression.

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