my writing

Flour City Blues

I started writing FLOUR CITY BLUES in the summer of 2007. It became a backburner project many times and was often neglected until about a year later, I had the itch to finish it. It is my love-hate letter to Rochester, New York told through the point-of-view of a 17 year-old high school senior. The elements of the story are references of my adolescence with the fumbles and awkwardness of a teen movie.

FLOUR CITY BLUES was released June 2012 on Stingray Press and Media.

From the back cover flap:

Soon-to-be high school senior, Josh LaSalle is forced to move from Pittsburgh to the Rochester, New York suburbs as a tactic his parents have chosen as the only way to salvage their troubled marriage.

Distraught with the change, Josh unexpectedly finds two friends who actually have the same idea of starting a band and begin to take over the city with their own brand of rock ‘n’ roll.

While everyone is worried about college applications and making final memories, Josh experiences the gain of local success in the music scene, house parties, neglectful parents and trying to find out if the French foreign exchange student really likes him, likes him.

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