New office inspiration

In a few days I’m moving and with the move I’m getting a new office! For the last few weeks, I have been using Pinterest like crazy to find inspiration for the new spot where all my writing will happen.



My current office is grey, which I did not think I would grow to like, but I did. I am going to be leaving my grey walls behind for washed out grey walls and will accent with the other colors. I love the combination of red and teal and will accent with a cheery light yellow. I want colors that will create a great space to get work done.



Patterns! I love the look of geometric patterns. I will be hitting up Joann Fabric for something bright for a new set of curtains. What do you think? Teal? Grey? Yellow?

More inspiration:







Looking forward to showing the progress after I unpack!



Images from Pinterest/Pantone

Link <3 11.19.12


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