Does every novel need conflict?



Short answer: Sure.

Reason: Keeps the story interesting. Makes the reader want to continue to find out the resolution.

This week, I had a couple days to sit down and dig deep into the crevices of my brain and plot out the scenes for the Flour City Blues sequel. With most of the ideas, I’m finding myself laughing out loud over the hilarity that is going to be happening throughout the story. Then, I came to a complete halt.

Where is the conflict?

Throughout this musically-enhanced joyride that this book is going to be, I found this to be my real-life conflict. Where am I going with everything? Am I going to let my characters off the hook easily or throw them a few curve balls?

Flour City Blues had plenty of conflict: the parents, girl troubles and a brief rift in friendship. It came extremely easy. With this book, I’m finding it a bit challenging.

Comedy aside, I’m sure I’ll come up with something.


Have you had issues with developing conflict in your writing? How did you resolve your own writing “conflict”?






Photo: Ove Töpfer via Free Images