The beautiful complexity of self


I was once told I was a complicated gal for enjoying both coffee and tea. Of course, I’m not a random nutter who enjoys them together (does anyone do that?), but they are two beverage choices that I tend to switch off on. Coffee—specifically, espresso keeps me centered and focused, and tea makes me all warm and snuggly in the evening. That’s how I roll.

So if that was criteria for considering me a complicated person, I take it with great acceptance. I like to think that my identity and my being is made up of little intricate parts that someone has to piece together to understand me. A mystery. A riddle. It makes a person clamor for more information. This is how I like to be known.

A high-demand mystery. Beautifully complex.

I began to think this since I’m transitioning from bakery owner to ___________. We live in a culture where you can be defined by what you do as an occupation. It is one of the first introductory questions we ask when meeting someone new:  “So, what do you do?”  I’m probably not alone when thinking that this is a piece of knowledge of a person we must know about, something we are inclined to ask and formulate some sort of opinion on the person. It is a shocking revelation to realize you are lacking a sense of identity when it comes to this particular mode of thinking. 

Right now, I don’t have a firm answer or title to call someone who slouches on the couch and watches the many hours both ABCFamily and MTV2 air of Boy Meets World. (#harleykeinerforthewin)

BUT, my couch slumming activity is juxtaposed against the action I am taking for the next phase in my entrepreneurial efforts. I trade in business suits for black holey shirts and Facebook chat business meetings.

Bonjour, uniqueness. There are no black or white set-in-stone traits and roles for anyone. The realization that we can carry around many facets of ourselves through our lifetimes is what makes us our true, authentic selves. We can be strong and weak, lazy and motivated, scared and brave. Accepting those binaries offers dimension to our personality and character.

Eventually, the mystery starts to ooze out a bit, like a thick translucent glaze of adjectives that define who you are to others.

You are you, darling.



Image source: MorgueFile


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