When the last couple of years help create something else



So almost two years have passed where I have spent 80% of my days alone and reflecting on the rollercoaster of experiences my life has had. It has been an adventure filled with breakdowns, tears, sleeping pills, wine and insomnia—and that wasn’t just “business life,” that was life sometimes dropping a major deuce.

The past weekend, that metaphorical stick of dynamite was lit under my ass and I executed a project I that was burning inside my brain for a few months. The experience of owning a business helped me conceive the idea. So while I did my nightly routine of binging Netflix, I put the plan into place for a new blog, The Broke and Bitter Girl’s Guide to Life.

Sassy and totally honest. For the girl with the guts to drop he day-to-day same ol’ situation knowing that there will be many late nights and invested time. Money may be tight, but you do it anyway. A social life turns into solo dates with Netflix. But you’re okay with that.

Even if you pin a few inspirational home décor images on your “dream home” board for two hours on Pinterest to calm your nerves, that’s okay. Leaving a job where you feel like a measly peon and going out on your own is also okay. Actually, that’s extremely okay. Even if all you eat is a bag of nectarines for an entire week, or whatever bulk food you were able to afford for the week.  

That’s okay too. You may have also created the next diet trend.

Are you going to be waking up every day with cartoon animals at your bedside waiting to brush your hair and dance a musical number? No, but you CAN get up to brush those pearly whites and step out the door to face the world.

Because, you know, we’re only inching closer to death. Each and every damn day.

You’re the captain of your own ship, darling.


Image from I Love Doodle



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