Read this for a weird baby analogy. Oh, and I’m closing up shop (in the ROC).


A view from the counter.

A view from the counter.

This is probably the lamest analogy ever, but bear with me.

Like most of my friends and acquaintances in their 20s and 30s, I have a baby, about 20-21 months old (babies’ ages are counted by months, right?). My baby is not a human in that sense, but I conceived the idea, let it sit while I considered the steps needed before it made a worldly debut and eventually opened the door to let everyone take a peek.

I even posted Facebook pictures and devoted a complete album to my baby that showed the growth along the way.

So my baby at this age has grown. Grown enough for me to make some changes. I should probably mention at this point that “my baby” is actually my bakery, if you did not grasp onto that already. I don’t need people congratulating my parents while they are grocery shopping or getting angry messages from people type-screaming, “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE HAVING A BABY!”

Okay, okay lame analogy aside, I’m just going to lay it out in the open:

I’m closing my bakery’s location.

Before anyone gets all huffy and shocked, let me tell you this—it is not a permanent thing. Ohhh no sireee! Do you think I’d take all my time and effort to raise this little thing (back to the baby analogy) and let it go? I don’t back down that easy.

First and foremost, my health has been a major deciding factor. Cakes are a difficult task to complete with a progressing movement disorder. I feel I am providing a disservice to customers when I’m having an “off day.” Luckily, no one notices any flaws, but when you know, you know (especially when you’re a perfectionist).

Secondly, opportunities! I don’t like the idea of franchising, a product produced in multiple stores can lose novelty. If you limit yourself, people will find a way to get it. We saw that just now with the cupcake trend and I’m sure with time you’ll see other franchises fizzling. I would never do that to Cakes a Go-Go. I’ve kept my eye on the market and when it comes to baked items, like fashion, trends come and go. You have to be on top of that and be willing to evolve.

I also am excited to say there is a new venture on the way! What started as a joke a year ago with a friend is something that we really want to send out to the masses. It allows Cakes a Go-Go to still function as a stand-alone business or a collaborative brand. As a permanent change, I need to say goodbye to handwritten messages and tiny fondant details. Everything will eventually be calling a new location “home.”

This is the final month to visit Cakes a Go-Go. August will be a month of well-deserved rest before any new announcements will be made.


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