How to get over the “I don’t give a shit about today” feels


The hard thing with having a business is that sometimes you may have a day (or few) where you just want to call it quits, throw in the towel and run away–for a day, week or forever. You work long hours and people expect you to be available and devoted to the baby of a business you conceived, cultivated and raised. When you want to want to get away from it all, it seems like a shock to the outside world with one unanimous exclamation, “BUT I THOUGHT YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO!”

Well, yeah. That’s why people start businesses and work for themselves. But like everyone else, you get a little burnt out. You get in these funks when you wear the same pants for a week and face the day with a hairstyle that is half sticking up and half pillow-matted.

Or maybe that’s me.


Oh you too?

Good. I’m not alone.

So if you do slither out of bed, slap the keys on the phone to shut off the annoying alarm sound and shuffle off to work, how do you get through the day?

You can trick yourself, or create a little game revolving around lists. If you make lists, you can manipulate them to motivate yourself to get working, especially when you need to make deadlines.

You see, those ruts that we may end up getting ourselves into could be because we have too much going on and we don’t know how to tackle everything. Now, go ahead and start on those lists. What needs to be done like, yesterday and what can be held off for a week or so?

This is where my OCD tendencies really shine. I’m obsessed with lists and I constantly offer up the game of tricking myself to complete tasks. I have paper lists, and try to scribble into oblivion each one as they are completed. My paper lists tend to be at my side, usually with immediate or daily tasks. I experience a weird thrill with each scribble.

For my long term tasks, I fell in love with the Springpad app. I downloaded it to my iPad as I basically run everything I do off of that. I have lists made up for blogging, book ideas and goals. It definitely helps as a place to rein in ideas to get to when I have the space to do so.

What about you? Do you use lists as a management to get your tasks done?

What tricks have you come up with to get yourself out of a work rut?


Photo from happyillusion on Instagram



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