How do you feel when you’re not inspired?


There are days when your brain feels a little empty. As a creative, it is a horrible feeling to not feel inspired. It is a blank, stagnant feeling where time can be spent working on something new.

Writer’s block or lack of a creative burst of inspiration can either be a sneaky little force at work that is preventing any progress, or the simplest explanation is that you’ve completely run out of fuel.


When you’re uninspired, you may have reached a point where you need to fill up at the inspiration station (yeah, I totally went with that), however you see it fit to gain momentum. That empty feeling may be spiritually and emotionally, as you already poured heart and soul into everything that has been created up until this current stop.

There are a couple ways to deal with feeling uninspired:

1) If those environmental forces are at work (any distractions, feeling lazy, tired, etc.), take a deep breath and try to crank out your best. There could always be time later on for edits or changes. Sometimes, just a impulsive go at something may result in a real gem of work if you actually sat down fully prepared and inspired.

2) If you’re feeling empty, don’t expect yourself to sit and wait for the write words to start flowing out. Take a walk, catch a movie, listen to music. Do something that gets you active. Emptiness could also happen when we’ve worked ourselves to far and have reached the point where you really do need a break.

(If you absolutely need to make a deadline, I do find freewriting or doodling spurts help spark a little inspiration. It doesn’t fill the tank completely, but it may help get some tasks done.)

So, what do you do when you’re not feeling inspired?

Photo by Ralph Nardell


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