Jobs, careers and having it all (the work+life balance showdown)


When I was younger I wanted to be an animator. Yup. I wanted to be a fancy pants arteest for Disney. Bet you didn’t know that.

Now you do.

I used to make my own cels, doodling and painting up discarded overhead transparency sheets that my dad used to bring home.

Anyway, let’s talk jobs, careers and the little concept known as work+life balance.

I’m not fully convinced it exists. At least as not one specific form that you should live by.

Can you actually juggle everything you enjoy and need to accomplish?
Can you really…..HAVE IT ALL???

There is the “model” shall we say of a typical successful life, which include a career, marriage, kids and vacations. In between finding the
one, popping out a kid or booking tickets to Disney World, we should have sound mental and physical health. Perhaps, we also pick up a
couple hobbies along the way, because otherwise you come off as boring.

Oh! I’m also forgetting sleep. Somehow, in the 86,400 seconds of the day, you need to fit in some sleep that will make you feel refreshed
and bouncing along happily the next day.

The fact is this: reality is shit. And those pictures and status updates you’re posting? You’re not fooling anyone.

There is no sleep. There’s swollen feet and in the social media world of today, you feel as if you’re one artsy picture away of showing off
what your damn nervous breakdown looks like (Quick, find me a quote on Pinterest! *guilty*).

You’re probably obsessed with your day gig. You sacrifice blood, sweat and tears (good band!), and face customers with pants you did a sniff test on before you put them on while your hair is filled with dry shampoo.

Then, just THEN do you slog home at night and wonder if all the time, effort and energy is REALLY WORTH IT?

And by the time your head finally hit’s the pillow at night, your gut finally feels the fast food you mauled down in the car.

So there’s no right or wrong way to go at things. Diets come and go, and when you’re off and running who has time to whip up a kale
smoothie when there’s someone handing me a taco waffle out the window at Taco Bell. That afghan you were planning to give to a friend for her baby shower (two months ago) is still sitting on the floor in the saddest pile of yarn ever seen. What matters, in the end, is that you’re still doing something that gets you up in the morning and out the door. You’re still doing something that matters to yourself.

Everyone has a different idea of what a satisfying life is. You just need to figure out what gets your mojo cooking.

Because, if you think of it, we’re all striving for some sort of happiness, right? It is all in the details, what we’re doing to get there. So if we’re not smoothie guzzling, gym goers and book club attendees who are graciously accepting Facebook invites to direct-selling product unveiling party, THAT IS OKAY. It is absolutely okay.

So listen up, sweet cheeks. You may wake up in a drool and eye crusty haze, but you bet your sweet ass you’re doing what you know matters to you.

Photo by Ashley Brooke Designs on Instagram


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