What lights your creative fire?


During my Friday night Target stroll, I meandered over to the books and magazines, spending a good deal of time scanning the latest. There aren’t many bookstores in the area, save for the massive Barnes & Noble* which is out of my way, so I pace around the approximate two-and-a-half aisles of books at Target.

*Remind me to find time to visit B&N. This gal need a bookstore afternoon STAT.

Suddenly, there’s about ten titles I want to buy at THAT MOMENT and an additional ten more ideas for future books. I broke out my phone and started typing out ideas to save for later, since I have the tendency to forget golden ideas as soon as I walk away.

(Believe me, there are a few good ideas I let flutter away in the wind and for the life of me, I cannot retrieve them. RIP good ideas.)

Target’s book aisles sure got my (creative) fire going. In my currently busy life, I don’t give myself the luxury of stopping and
observing my surroundings, so there was definitely some sort of subconscious force at work that told me that I needed to take a looky
loo. That reenergized feeling was refreshing and reprogrammed my brain to re-evaluate what I should/could be working on.

That was my Friday night excitement.

Has anything popped out at you at a random moment and totally lit up your creative fire?

Photo via Flickr


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