The soul-sucking act of self-sacrifice


What happens when you put yourself first? You’re considered selfish, right?

When you’re selfish, there is the perception that the world revolves
around you. How you feel and what your motives are from other people,
especially at no cost, makes up the criteria of selfishness. Any
consideration for the other party usually does not exist. If there is
a good deed done for others, there is usually an “you owe me” after
all is said and done from the selfish end.

How about self-sacrifice? If you sacrifice yourself, are you giving
yourself away unselfishly?

A broad view of self-sacrifice may be considered or confused, with
giving your life and time unselfishly. We think of volunteers or
religious figures, who serve for the community.

But, when you call it self-sacrifice, it may not be as admirable. In
fact, it is energy draining and soul sucking.

Self-sacrifice is that niggling little force that makes you break down
and help others for their own selfish needs. By giving into others,
you deplete your own personal self-worth by giving up your own
pleasures and interests. It’s confusing at first, because you don’t
realize it is self-sacrifice, because you offer help or your aid for
who you feel genuinely needs help, until your mood turns negatively
and your energy depletes.

Self-sacrifice also disguises itself as a nasty little bitch who
boosts the ego, initially for good and then wear you down. When you’re
reduced to depletion, enter the feelings of extreme negativity.
Stress, anger and fear become the main emotions you feel especially
when the other person can continue to live and enjoy their life they
way they want while you’re still attached to them by an invisible
tether, ready and willing to come to their rescue.

Usually feelings of irritation or being short with someone when you
are asked for help, these are sure signs of depleted energy. The
result being, you’ll eventually experience resentment toward the other
person as they continue to get what they want and need with your help.
Do you consider yourself selfish?

Or, have you self-sacrificed your life for anyone and feel the effects
later on?

Photo by Dominik Martin via Unsplash



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