Aiming to live minimally


I have been reading blogs about minimalism for a few months now. The idea is interesting and most importantly, sounds completely valid.

I’m in.

I came from a simple and comfortable upbringing. Essentially, it was a
single-income household as my mom raised us, and we never went without anything. We had food, a house that was close to being paid for and plenty of clothing my grandmother bestowed upon us every late-August from the back-to-school edition of the JC Penney catalog.

Needless to say though, I was all too familiar with clutter. I had my menagerie of childhood relics while my mother filled spaces with
angels and tiny photos of us and my grandmother had a house filled with shelves of Avon decanters.

(She kept the local Avon lady very busy and probably helped fulfill her income.)

Fast forward to now. Tastes change. Goals change. I’ve been quite smitten with travel and new experiences rather than owning things. As
the years go by, I have pretty much streamlined my possessions to books, music, a phone, laptop, iPad, iPod, furniture, kitchen “stuff”
and clothing. With this change, I’m hoping it promotes positive change to some short-term goals I am working on.

I’ve also considered the business the reason why I’m making such a move. When things are tight, you tend to feel blessed to actually have
things, and on the same note, realize how many things are completely unnecessary.

Besides having stressful episodes on the job front, I tend to eat clean. I have gone months basically wearing the same few articles of
clothing, which can only tell me now that my closet needs a major cleanout.

So far, I’ve decluttered the bookshelf, selling some books and donating some to promote literacy programs. I am working on a
bag-a-day mission to clear out clutter, and so far I have gotten rid of old files, papers, and magazines.

I’m off to a great start.


Photo by Craig Garner via Unsplash



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