A case of the Sunday guilts


My weekends tend to be Sunday and Monday. Which means, I do have one day to loaf about and get anything done without the stress of weekday demands. Monday is left for getting any leftovers done, watch a movie or step out to run errands while the general population starts their week at a nine-to-fiver.

So, back to Sundays, which I have become to hold very dear. I allow
myself to sleep in a little later, or if my body clock goes off at the
normal earlier hour it is used to, I have the most glorious moments in
bed. I fire up the iPad to read a few blogs, watch something on
Netflix or Amazon and just enjoy the most divine quiet time.

After the house finally became empty, I spent the remainder of
yesterday immersed in solitude–jumping ahead on writing and creating spring sales ideas for the shop. Even though I may have Monday cushioning my weekend and my workweek, I still have the Sunday anxieties that my own scheduled demands need to be met by the following week. Call it Sunday guilt. Sunday can’t always be a rest

Calling all creative types and entrepreneurs: How are your weekends?
Do you have the Sunday guilt?

Photo by Elisabeth Foco via Unsplash


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