So I’m going to write the FLOUR CITY BLUES sequel…


This past Wednesday, during a lull at the shop between cleaning up the
kitchen and customers, my brother asked me what I was planning to
write next.

So I tossed him my ideas, including one that may be an offshoot of
FLOUR CITY BLUES. This one I wanted to start writing is actually set a
few years after the actual time setting of FCB. So he looked at me and

“Your next book should just be the sequel to FLOUR CITY BLUES.”

He listed his reasons why, I listened and could see his point. I left
FCB open to have a sequel written, and planned to write a sequel
eventually down the line, I just don’t know exactly where I wanted to
take it.

Over Starbucks espresso the next morning, as we had time to kill
before heading to the shop, so we tossed some ideas around for the
plot. As a big fan of my first book, it is great to see my brother as
my biggest supporter and someone anxious to see what is in store for
my characters. Expect more hilarity, raunch and plenty of Animal
House-inspired antics.


Photo from Stock Exchange


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