Feline Adoration

Since I was tiny, I loved cats. We had a family cat, named Spunky, who lived up to her name. After her, we had a gorgeous tiger cat, named Tigger. Living in the country, we frequently came across cats roaming the yard or looking for shelter in the garage, knowing that our area was known for people dumping cats off.

I spent my growing and teen years taking care of cats. Some were wild enough to stay outside and keep the mice population at bay and some were cleaned up and treated by a vet so we can give them a warm home. I’ve seen a couple poor cats arrive on our yard, only to find out that they were pregnant. I’ve offered them warm boxes and old clothes for a panting cat ready to give birth to three or four kittens.

My current cat, is a big fluffy black cat with white spots. He was the last survivor of a litter from a cat we rescued from a farm. He is currently 12 and is the biggest, spoiled cat with such a great personality (in fact, you can follow him on Instagram!).

That's my guy!

That’s my guy!

At my shop, we currently accept donations, both needed items and cash for the local shelter. I also try to do my part by making/selling catnip pillows, which my boy goes crazy for! I will be setting up an online shop soon-and if anyone is interested in grabbing some now, let me know.



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