Cupcakes made for rock ‘n’ roll

What sets my cupcake menu apart from the other locals is probably the array of flavors and the names I give them. Sure, there may be a few unoriginal flavors that other shops may put out, but you can create a diverse flavor palette together if you’re not afraid to experiment. If you don’t experiment, you don’t come up with results.

Last June, some fresh cherries were purchased with the intention of making “tipsy cherries,” a recipe given to me by an acquaintance. It is a simple concoction of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and some brown sugar to a jug of some sort to pour over the cherries. Once the cherries are swimming around in the boozy mixture, seal it up and don’t look at them until November.

November arrived and off came the cap. The strong smell of Jim and Jack wafted out of the jug and the formerly deep-red cherries were now a muddy brown color, yet they had absorbed the mixture. Sure, the cherries can make poppable little boozy morsels or a great addition to cocktails, but the gears started turning.


I started with a chocolate cupcake. The darker the chocolate the bitter. I figured milk chocolate, being sweet would wreck the overall flavor. Next, came implementing the whiskey-bourbon flavor. I made a simple syrup with the liquid and reserved the cherries for a topping or to be blended into the frosting. So once the cupcakes came out of the oven and were cooling, I brushed the cakes with the simple syrup to infuse each nook and cranny with flavor.

The frosting? Well, with the hint of flavor that the cakes absorbed, it needed a little more. My simple butter cream frosting was flavored with the whiskey-bourbon. What it yielded was a faint mauve hue and a subtle flavor of the alcohol. Topped with a cherry, consider it an adult black forest cupcake.

blogger-image--2091393229 blogger-image--1540334708

How about the name? Well, it was talked about for months to actually create a “Chesterfield King” cupcake with our across-the-parking lot neighbor, Andy Babiuk. Andy, a fixture on the rock ‘n’ roll scene and owner of Andy Babiuk’s Fab Gear, has just released Stones Gear. So what better time to celebrate a huge completion with cupcakes. With the perfect combination of chocolate and booze, our tipsy cherry cupcake is officially the “Chesterfield King” cupcake.



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