What makes your brand stand out?

Photo by Adam Przewoski

Photo by Adam Przewoski

Social media is big money nowadays with businesses. Out of the slew of
friend and celebrities you may follow on different outlets, there’s
probably a brand or two that poke their way into your streams. Some
larger companies hire someone to basically be their social media
liaison and some entrepreneurs offer their own personality to their

I definitely admire a company who actually responds to a tweet or
Instagram comment. It increases their trustworthiness and reliability
when there is a reply, favorite or retweet. Some brands also have a
customer service account to handle questions or issues with products
or services.

As I continue to grow my business, I am constantly learning the ways
of making my company and brand stand out.

Being consistent

Your actions and your brand should go hand in hand. You will always be
known for what you do. When you engage consistency, you present to
your followers and customers that you’re reliable and increases your

A unique approach

Use what makes you you without being completely outside of your normal
identity. We’re all completely different people, so what you create
should be of it’s own uniqueness. You don’t want to force yourself to
be something you’re not. What is your passion and how do you go about

Showing your personality

Customers and followers love a personality, especially when a business
owner can utilize an online personality by engaging with customers and
asking for their opinions. People follow a brand when they can feel
like a part of it.

Be loud and clear

Always be clear when you announce what you’re doing or what offer is
up for grabs. Use few, concise wording and clear photographs. Always
look toward your favorite brands and companies to see what they do.

So, how do you engage with your followers, and what brands do you
follow for inspiration?


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