Oh, the guilt!

Photo by Vee-O

Photo by Vee-O

Let’s face it: I have a guilt complex and owning a business does not
produce a hand-in-hand benefit for it.

The problem with me, is that I could never commit a crime. For obvious
reasons, I wouldn’t, but the upon confrontation, I would collapse to
my knees and offer an Oscar-worthy performance unveiling all of my
When it comes to business though, you become the face people see each
and everyday supplying you with products and services. I have run into
customers while in the store or just about any other setting outside
the shop and I get the same comment: “Hey! Why aren’t you at the

Well, at 7pm I really hope I am not at the shop two hours after I’ve
closed. I’ve put in a 12-hour day, dearie and I really need to grab
these generic saltines and store brand ginger ale for my dinner
tonight. By the way, nice roast you have sitting in the cart–mind
inviting me over?

Business owners are people too. We buy groceries, catch a movie or
enjoy a drink at the bar just as any other nine-to-fiver on a Friday
during Happy Hour. Most of the time though, we dream of actually doing
these things.

Sometimes, this is irritating. If people knew 95% of the time, once
the doors are locked and the blinds are shut until the next day, I fly
directly home to throw food into my gut, work on the books and hide
until daylight arrives again.

One of the biggest things a business owner needs to acclimate to is a
work/life balance, and believe me, I am fucking trying. I have
actually stopped carrying business cards because I’d like a night out
of conversation without talking about New York State’s shit economy,
taxes, cupcake flavors and sharing baking tips.

When you’re in business, you tend to defend yourself quite a bit about
your work. Yes, it can be a ‘round-the-clock endeavor with late-night
emails and bizarre tweets that makes your followers wonder when you’ll
be tweeting from the nutjob ward of the hospital.

So screw the guilt. I’m trying to have a life.

A business does not work when you don’t have a life. We’re not robots,
and even those can’t even be dependable all the time. Constant work
leads to burnout; and burnout leads to not giving a shit.


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