holiday schmoliday

photo by Wong Mei Teng

photo by Wong Mei Teng

I have been going along with the motions this holiday season. In the
last 3-4 years, December is a hard month to get through. Family has
dwindled down and as a new year approaches, I tend to face December 31
like a vampire to garlic. I approach the new year with caution. This
year was my emotional worst: full of breakdowns, family crises,
interpersonal disappointment and loads of personal realizations. I
file it has “shittiest year ever” and it has tweaked myself into
thinking I really need to change things for my benefit next year. Out
of chaos, stars are born….amirite?

December woes aside, the decorations are up (although this year they
were put up two weeks later rather than the weekend after
Thanksgiving) and I finally took time to write out some cards. I even
plunged head first into a plan of going completely handmade or
thoughtfully creative for everyone on my gift list. It is actually
going along quite well, which I thought would initially add to the
stress of business and holiday this month.

There are projects and great ideas afoot that are ready to burst. I
had a soft launch for FRESHBaked–a new lifestyle/food/party/business

blog that will be in conjunction with Cakes a Go-Go. An official
launch is in the works! I have even created a budget plan to put money
aside to take a vacation during the slow month. A vacation! I real,
time-off-from-work-and-hopefully-no-worries vacation! I’d spill more
details, but I don’t want to jinx it!

So how is your December? Are you prepping to kick things up a notch in 2014?


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