The one that needs to be written


Photo by Robert Linder

I’ve been attempting to write about NaNoWriMo and the official direction I wanted to take “Book #2” since the beginning of the month to inaugurate the 30 days of 50,000 words, but I could not develop the thoughts to finally get it out. You see, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing something a bit more serious and absolutely gritty. It started as a bizarre reflection of my life, with some differences, both major and subtle. I will never write a memoir, but for me to deal with various life happenings, I write. What I experience or the experiences of those close to me are usually adapted into scenes.

I’m switching things up with a female character and making a natural shift from young adult to new adult. I have a strong female lead who not only survives a quarter life crisis, but social/emotional issues, depression and standing in as a guardian angel when it comes to addiction. I’m still scratching the surface of the storyline. I have my characters, their relationships with one another, but something hit me the other day making me change some things…
Friends and readers have asked if there would be a FLOUR CITY BLUES sequel and I’m honestly thinking of it. I’d love to see where I can take the guys. So right now, I thought of one of my favorite characters in the book, Lydia. She was the older, early 20-something who would see Josh at parties. I envisioned her as a tough, no-nonsense girl just doing the motions in college and life. She’s intelligent, smart, loves great music and cites quotes from The Dead Poet’s Society.
It just seemed appropriate to change my leading lady to Lydia. She’s going to be a tough, resilient girl going through a turbulent decade.
What is different about this book will be that we will see multiple POV’s from those closest to Lydia. I’m excited to write different arcs that will weave within one another. I think for my personal sanity, they will be needed.
Anyway, how’s your NaNo going?

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