Is your satisfaction really made up of unicorns and rainbows?


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Since I left last job over a year ago, I never looked back. Between myself, my mom and a few former co-workers, we’re mutually acquainted, so she often reports what happens at work, a new recipe from so-and-so and when I come up as lunchtime talk. She has been asked if I miss working at a school and her answer is always the same–no. It’s true. I really don’t. Do I miss summer vacations and holidays off (including pay)? Oh, you bet I do. Outside of educators and students, everyone is still at work from June through August with a week or so of vacation. Still though, vacation time or no vacation time, I think it’s safe to say I don’t want to go back.

So am I satisfied? Really, what are the parameters of being satisfied? To find satisfaction, we have to be a little selfish. At first, I was cautious. I stayed on with my job and tried to find every excuse to jump ship. I’ve always been the type to stray from the herd, go by the beat of my own drum or any other cliché saying that depicts being a unique and driven individual. Then the selfishness kicked in. It has to, unless you want to live the rest of your life wondering “what if.” Let’s just say I have done so much in the last year, but each day, week and month acts as an improvement toward achieving full satisfaction. I work very hard to work my own business and work enough to pay bills while using goals as checkpoints for personal accomplishments.

To find satisfaction, we have to be a little selfish.

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Keep in mind, being selfish is best used as a tool to get you up and moving each day. What gets you out of bed and striving to make things happen. Everything takes time and falls into place when the time comes. It is time to act out what your little ticker desires.

So , again, is satisfaction made up of unicorns and rainbows? No! Nothing is ever easy, and that’s what stops people. A huge part of the process is learning. You have to learn to get started. Learn your own desires. Learn to create your own way. Learn that you will learn something everyday. The answers aren’t always there and there will be questions asked and research done frequently.

So I leave with the standard: No one said being a boss or owning your own business is easy. If so, everyone would be doing it.


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