When life kicks you in the goods

I really don’t know what started it all, but I am thinking the seasonal change, a
slow sales month, being everyone’s keeper or therapist, and the most annoying
neighbor ever (thus, keeping me up all night) joined forces to knock
me out into a breakdown to rival all breakdowns. Forget any method to
de-stress or calm down. When I crack, any sort of healthful strategy
is thrown out the window.

Thursday night, I found myself bent over my bed with my face smashed
into my pillows. Body numb, face burning and a headache that could
only tell me my blood pressure was dangerously high. Every memory of
the day and week did not exist, except for my haphazard trek up the
stairs and to stand over my bed where I bent forward to crash into the
pillows, my feet still firmly planted on the floor.

There comes a time, even when you’re doing what you love doing, you need to take a break.

I am learning to develop a work and life balance so I can transition
from work to home and not worry about the next thing while I’m trying
to diffuse while watching television at home.

My health has been neglected, and despite the best treatments WebMD
has to offer (the poor girl’s doctor), those headaches, palpitations
and nausea are rolling into town anyway. I hate to make the reference,
but visually I have shut down like a dehydrated marathon runner,
puttering and staggering to complete everything while seeing the
finish line in the close distance. I can run away. I can’t hand
everything over to a manager or second-in-command, because I am all of

To serve customers and make the cash to pay bills and keep the cycle
moving, it is not right to close for a few days. Not right now. I’ve
been developing a system of chunking my work each day so I can feel
happier with smaller successes. I am revamping my list system and have
given myself small goals and tasks to complete each day, so by the
time I come home, I can actually enjoy being home.

During this week, I started implementing activities to offer as small
rewards for tiny successes.

I use Pinterest for business-related ideas, but looking for new décor
ideas for the home has swiped away some of the nerves.

Book a trip
I’m not going anywhere soon, but searching for flights, hotels and
looking for new destinations to visit not only brings back some mental
sunshine, but serves as a great goal to work towards.

When I have a free moment, I’ve been watching reruns of Roseanne. I
never gave the show much credit, but I absolutely love the earlier
seasons. The bonus of this month is the return of new seasons of
shows! My 9’o clock hour is reserved throughout the week for New Girl,
The Mindy Project and Glee.

Planning and Organizing
I took a composition notebook and got creative. I broke out my
collection of colored Post-Its and pens and created a multi-use
planner. The pages are divided by month and weekly plan sheets and
decorated in a way that makes ticking off tasks much easier. I also
use the Springpad app for iPhone/iPad and have tasks divided by each
project and demand. It is beginning to save my life.

Great smells and small treats
I absolutely love Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. I have a small bottle of
peppermint soap I use in the shower. Sniffing the bottle does wonders,
not to mention massaging some of the soap throughout my scalp, temples
and sinus area. Of course, be careful to not get any in your eyes! The
zing of the peppermint oils eases some of the warmth and tenderness
from the horrible headaches I’ve been having.

I treated myself to a small cappuccino at Dunkin’ Donuts. Just 15
minutes of sipping down foam and espresso was absolutely comforting.

New Sounds
With Apple’s iOS 7 update, iTunes now has a radio function, that is
similar to Pandora. Now I love the Underground Garage on Sirius, but I
had to see what discoveries I can find with a “Garage Rock” station. A
collection of Sonics tunes and so much surf music! My soundtrack to
sanity has consisted of The Tornados, The Ventures and The Lively

Have you ever reached your breaking point? What have you done to cope
with a breakdown or just a stressful phase?

Hoping to get back on track soon!



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