how ideas are developed


Photo by Andreas Krappweis

Photo by Andreas Krappweis

I’ve always been told I’m creative. I’m artsy, problem solve using creativity rather than rational thought and I focus on every detail to everything. That makes my writing and the products I make with my hands unique. When it comes to business, all I can say is that I have a couple college business courses behind me, but what I do have is more untapped creativity that is lurking in my brain.

My mind is a scary place. There is SO MUCH going on up there that I’m surprised I don’t just keel over from the ideas and worries that bounce around. So yes, I own a bakery but I don’t necessarily use other bakeries as models or as a benchmark for personal success measurement. I look elsewhere. This helps me come up with promotions and even my cupcake flavors.

Where do I find inspiration?

Richard Branson
Hello, Virgin EVERYTHING! From creating a discount record distributor to friggin’ Virgin Galactic?! Branson is not only my entrepreneur inspiration, but he works out of the box. Actually, I’m terrified to poke at his brain, but I’d love to scratch the surface. Oh, and have you seen the Virgin clubhouses? Genius.

So I can afford a single shirt in the store, but can finger some change to afford a cute bowl or mug, Anthropologie is a hodge podge of eclectic and rustic little finds. I tend to visit the local store frequently, getting ideas for the season’s store decor. I wish I could hire their corporate decorators to take a sweep through my store. Anthropologie is not making money on a singular item, but they are a quirky boutique answer to the department store. After maxing out your Visa, you may have a cute top, drawer pulls, a lovely read and a tea cup set. 🙂

Johnny Cupcakes
I fell in love with this brand long ago. T-shirts, then full apparel. Different stores spanning the US and London, each one decorated so differently you’d have to go on a Johnny Cupcakes tour. I still love the grassroots reach to customers as well as the social media outlet usage.

These are mainly my go-to’s for inspiration, although I may find it in a paint chip color, in the shower, or at 3am when I can’t sleep. Whether you’re a business owner or just a creative, where do your ideas come from?


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