a fresh start

Wood bunting from www.cubbylove.com.au

Wood bunting from http://www.cubbylove.com.au

Hello, August! When did you get here? The 31 days of July seemed to fly by so quickly, that I’ve realized one flaw in owning a business, at least in the early stages…

…you really miss out on summer.

Enjoying the blip of warm weather western New York is lucky enough to get has been completely out of reach. The ticking time also reminds me that I’ve been going at everything too hard and I’m in desperate need of time off, but that is also out of reach for a while longer. The shop has not reached the point where I feel comfortable leaving it for a few days, even if I am losing my mind.

Anyway, I have been a freshly-turned 30 year-old for over a week, and I’ve been pushing myself to go forward on many things. It sounds cliché to see those 30 before 30, or for now–gulp–40 before 40 bucket lists, but stepping into a new decades has brought a teeming overabundance of goals. So, to break cliché, I’m not creating a bucket list for the next decade. First off, it does sound overwhelming. I hope the decade does bring everything Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young?) sang about. I want the house and the two friggin’ cats in the yard. Maybe the spouse and kids too. I don’t want to be the crazy cat lady with the swingin’ pad forever.

After a revitalizing surprise birthday get-together with my closest friends who I rarely see since our schedules are crazy. We laughed through crudités and cake over the stupid incidents and acts we did in our 20’s and how education, wedding vows, houses and finding our careers finally found us all in a new decade where the ghosts of drunken night’s passed are reminders that we never really forgot to let loose before responsibility.

The day after, the gears started turning. I have pads and list-creating app’s full of ideas and plans for the next year. I figure I’m going to work a year at a time, that way I have a system of benchmarks. Where will I be in 3 months? Half a year? 9 months? What will 31 have in store?

This is what I came up with:

Make profit by fall
Reorganize shop, adjust hours, more products
Continue to time manage (writing, business owning, etc.)
Attend SXSW next March, represent new business venture
Write another novel
Take time off, the body and mind need it

It is a short list, with very big goals. Check back in a year. 😉


2 thoughts on “a fresh start

    • Ha! My brother organized everything and found a way to have ME make my own cake. I made a ricotta vanilla cake, with cannoli filling, whipped cream and strawberries. I also had a Carvel cake! ❤ ice cream cake!

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