After the Detox

Strawberry Water Splash

Andreas Krappweis

About a  month ago, I posted on the 7-day detox I was in the midst of trying out. After the seven days, we had a family outing to Aladdin’s for wonderful Mediterranean fare. My appreciation for vegetables was resuscitated, so I was so pleased to nosh on a massive plate of greens, cucumbers and added protein! I did notice after doing a week-long cleanse, my body was overworked and was in desperate need for protein for added energy. During a cleanse, it is advised that no strenuous activity or exercise is done because the body works hard removing waste and burns the calories to do so.

Losing a few pounds was an added bonus. The bloat went down and the cravings for carbs has diminished. Sinus headaches also disappeared!

Would I do it again? For sure, but a week is pushing it. I would do a 48-hour or three-day cleanse–possibly after the holidays.


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