Link <3: 6.13.2013 a badass compendium of reading


We have at least most of these on our friends list: 14 kinds of Facebook people you want to block, but you can’t because they’re sort of your friends.

Just last week, every Facebook friend, news source (even the HuffPo) posted the article about the different English dialect/speaking maps as if linguistics was just invented. Read a smidge from this Thought Catalog link.

If Disney movies had honest titles

A most excellent plus size Tumblr. NSFW! But guarantees so much self-confidence!

Hooray for H&M! They vow to use more diverse mannequins.

These Cornell students are pretty badass IMO.

I would totally replace my phone with a baby sloth. Would you?

It’s okay to yell at these inanimate objects.

OMG. This.

Possible eye-opener? “I listened to Marilyn Monroe die.”

Discover your alter-ego.

Chilling photos of patients’ suitcases at the old Willard Asylum.

The Art of Goal-Getting


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