On business expansions and more products


Summer is quickly approaching and by fall, I will be marking the first anniversary at Cakes a Go-Go’s retail spot. Business is doing well and I have more and more ideas to keep the sweets coming.

I started an Indiegogo campaign, which I feel the funds are needed to expand. The Living Social campaign just ended, which sent the business into a major drought of product, not to mention starting over again out-of-pocket into a new month. I throw every bit of energy into filling the store, and can’t help but want to offer more. The demand is high (boy is it!) and I have the creativity to bring on a whole new line of products to fill the shelves and counters during the summer. I plan to extend hours on Friday nights, because I have an amazing “thing” that I can’t wait to unveil.

As a “brand” Cakes a Go-Go is going to expand with packaged on-the-go items. Chocolate, teas, coffee, pastries and other delights ready to be grabbed. These will be available to ship as well. Oh yeah, also expect more macarons. I can’t quite keep the flour in the shop fast enough.


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