Road Trip Wednesday #180: What’s the ‘Book That Got Away’?

I haven’t posted a response to YA Highway‘s Road Trip Wednesday in a while. I haven’t had a chance to read or write anything in a while, and today’s question opened the chance for me to write a post.

What book is your ‘one that got away?’ (What book have you always been dying to read but still haven’t yet?)

With the excitement going on with The Great Gatsby movie being out (will this spark a fashion trend as well?), I’ve been yearning to tear into The Flappers and Bright Young Things series. The books have been sitting on my bookshelf, silently calling my name, asking for a break.




 I love time period books. Stories that are set in back in time, well-researched but still written with that passion as if the author grew up in that era. I’ve been drawn to the 1920’s since I had grandparents who spent their childhood or even adolescence during that time. I am anticipating diving into these coming-of-age storylines set in the 1920s.








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