On Support Systems



Since opening the bakery, I’ve taken many steps and actions towards each month’s success on my own. Between life and business, I have thought on many occasions that I am simply losing my mind, but since building a business team is out of the question at this point, I need to extend to my support team in times of mental stress.

It seems sufficient enough to have about 3-4 people to make up your personal team. There have been many nights where I have broken down and completely felt as if no one was around to help. After thinking about it, I do have a few go-to people, but for different reasons. I toss business ideas to my parents and ask if they have the possibility of working. My landlord was in the business game once before, so I usually ask the questions regarding taxes, insurance and general practices. When it comes to life, I have a couple confidantes that I completely trust my life with. What I’m saying, is that when you have the absolute biggest doubt on anything, sit back and think who is a part of your life right now.

Most of the time, I admit to having major control issues, which leads to burnout and the cry for help. It is a vicious cycle which I am learning to break. I agree with the reasons why we avoid including others, which are listed in the book, You Don’t Have to Do It Alone: How to involve others to get things done by Richard H. Axelrod:

  • It will take too long.
  • It’s going to require more effort.
  • I will lose control.
  • I will fail.

On the flipside, the logic behind recruiting help (mental, emotional, etc.) may have beneficial results:

  • It may seem to take longer, but the work will actually get done faster.
  • It may require more effort, but the job will be easier overall.
  • I may lose some control, but in giving up control I open the door to better ideas.
  • Whether I fail or succeed, people will be there to support me.

Lesson to be learned here: A support system will keep that train moving. Your business and commitment to it will continue to flow and thrive.



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