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I love Boston. Okay, I don’t just love Boston, I fucking love Boston. From my travels to many different cities, each one has taken a part of me. Los Angeles, took a piece of my heart, New York also has a special value, but Boston? You have my stole my heart and soul, from the music and the sports teams. You have the whole of me.

Just coming up a week since the explosions at the Boston Marathon, last Monday was my work-at-home day and as I was scrolling down Twitter, I saw my Boston-area friends and news outlets posting questions and tiny briefs, wondering what was going on. I immediately started visiting every site and news channel from CNN, MSNBC, my local news and even Fox just to see who was giving the up-to-the-minute coverage.

I am beyond words, seeing people from the crowds running towards the explosion sites to help the injured, marathon runners who completed their 26 mile trek only to continue onward to the hospital to give blood. In the sports world, other teams and papers acknowledging that Boston is in the thoughts and on the minds of everyone whether you’re a Yankee fan or not. From the Mr. Rogers quote and Patton Oswalt’s Facebook post that went viral, let it be considered a truth that there is definitely more good people out there.

Neil Diamond, ever so classy, took an early morning flight to arrive at Fenway unannounced to sing “Sweet Caroline.”

Before the London Marathon started today, there was a minute-long silence for Boston.



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