what is your blogging history?


My first step into the blogging world started in the fall of 2001. I started college and I guess I stumbled into in by accident. I discovered the site DiaryLand and jumped in head first with journal-style or diary-style writing. I wrote about my life, going to school, the many shows and road trips I went on to catch bands, lyrics and quiz results. Going back to read that now, is totally cringe worthy. On the other hand, it was the beginning to forging online friendships and networking. I wanted to get into writing, and I managed to score a freelance gig writing for a free magazine that was distributed around the Boston area. From that blog, I post links or write about my experiences. I started my own zine and connected with girls in California who were into rockabilly (as was I). Some of those entries tell my stories of Boston, Los Angeles and New York City travels. I interviewed bands, met so many wonderful people and towards the blog’s end, I transferred to another school and eventually started anew at Livejournal.

I went to another school from 2004-2006 and continued my forays into dorm life, booze-filled nights, and sleepless exam weeks. Livejournal presented itself to be more of another journaling exercise, and was viewed by not much outside of my friends who I hung out with at school. The last post I made on LJ was in 2009.

I dabbled a bit with other blogs, but they were short-lived. I started keeping a blog when I was writing Flour City Blues and used it as a promotional tool to give the book attention. Just last year, when the book was coming out, I decided to wipe the slate clean and start over. As a full year comes up this summer since I started this blog, I see the direction changing every day. I have the bakery, the book and still include some of my everyday life. What is gone is the slice of life entries of a typical diary like I had before.

What is your blogging history?


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