living frugal



Owning a business has been great so far. The only stress and downside right now is not having the dependence of a paycheck and expected salary. I stretch my pennies week-to-week to at least pay for the essentials: food and bills. After months of preparing to open, and now being open, this is the longest span of time without a check.

I have gotten quite creative with eating healthy while on the cheap. Basically, I’ve realized just about anything goes great with eggs, and food from the Dollar Store really is not that bad. Speaking of Dollar Store, they sporadically carry brand name food. It doesn’t last long on the shelves, because obviously the deal is great. Planters Peanut Butter with granola was my nutritional support during one particular tight week.

On the refreshing end of things, I’ve learned to declutter and reprioritize my life. I’ve started to clear out and sell items, or simply donate them. I always feel that someone else out there has harder times that myself, whether they are unemployed or sick. So I try not to dwell on my own shortcomings.

The downside, is not having a handy stash for mini emergencies. My jeans, for one thing are a few years old. I have always been a bargain hunter, scoping out the shops for $20 Levi’s (believe me, you can find them). My collection is about 5 years old (mmhmm) and they have all decided now to rip and tear NOW, deeming them embarassing and barely wearable. I also dropped my bottle of foundation and released the biggest sigh of sadness as I noticed a crack made its way all the way around. It split open once I picked it up, so I scraped the leftover contents and placed them into little Sephora sample containers I had laying around. Ugh, jeanless, makeup-less and penniless.

Don’t let it stop there though. Thankfully, a Sephora is nearby and the girls are generous with samples. I guess I can also patch up my jeans, I can bring hobo-chic like nobody else. 20121108-153058.jpg


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