I’m gonna say it: some marketing people just piss me off


Yeah, I’ll say it. Those suit and tie, leather-bound notebook toting marketing guys piss me off. Even those pimply-faced college guys at cell phone kiosks (because of them I chose the no-contract pre-paid plan). With the latter, my stories about them may come another day.

Salesmen. Not salespeople or saleswomen. I haven’t come across a saleswomen forces me to purchase anything, so I will be addressing this issue using “salesmen.”

So far in the business game, I have only come across abruptness leading to my negative evaluation to their presentation. A big, fat F to fail the of their services. Of course I understand they may be doing their job, which is to make their business money so they can get a paycheck, but the pitches I’m receiving make me open my door and ask them to leave.

(Aside from my immense lists of tasks, I did remember to put up a NO SOLICITING sign and reject any cold calls that come my way. So far, all is good now.)

Back in the beginning, when my business opening was in the paper, I received countless cold calls from payroll and POS services, blatantly telling me to come to their dark side, that my current choices are not the best ones. REALLY? Aren’t these calls recorded for “quality assurance?” They tend to get an answer in the form of a polite “thanks, but no thanks” and my thumb pressing the end call button.

I’m not ignorant. I made my choices based on research, affordability, flexibility and convenience.

Anyway, I had visits from distributors, offering me great deals on wholesale Pillsbury products. Again, REALLY? Do you think I’m going to bake some Pillsbury cakes and call them my own cakes from scratch? This was even after I asked about flour and sugar rates…you refer me to your wholesale Pillsbury line? Buh-bye.

Okay, enter advertisers. Back in December, we had a Living Social deal. It blew up our Christmas sales, but now we still see them trickling in. I do find them annoying after a holiday because customers come in to just get enough product for the allotted amount and go off on their merry way. The calculations of my earnings is a decent return, but I also did not put out cash towards advertisement, which I don’t think would have created a return as much as a discount voucher. So, I get visits from advertisers, asking me what is my marketing strategy. One advertiser saw a customer come in to use a voucher. After they left, I received a stern talking to like I was a teenager missing curfew. Where do you get off talking to me like that? I hate to pull the gender card, but is that it? I also look young, which confuses people when I say I own the joint. I may look like a teenager, but I didn’t come home drunk at 4 am. Get out of my shop. I got the same thing from another salesman who saw my listing on LivingSocial. Received the same treatment. Get out of my store, seriously. No one talks to me like that, and I will never place an ad in your publication, despite your glorified laminated spec sheets promising me a grand return on my investment. Whatever.

I also hate when I refuse and they are quick to dream up another sale…”what can I do to get you in my [site, publication, magazine, etc.] TODAY?”


“Well we have a sale going on and if you commit TODAY…”

Yammer yammer. Where have i heard that line before…oh yeah the Verizon, TMobile and Sprint kiosks.

Nope. Goodbye.

Marketing is crucial to a business. Every entrepreneur knows that. I am incredibly irritated by the salesmen I have dealt with. I have created ways of my own marketing that do not involve a salesman that seem to be working well.


Own a business? Have any horrid marketing or salesperson tales of your own? What do you do to market your business?


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