let go or get dragged

I tend to beat myself up. I’m also very stubborn. Sometimes, I dwell on things and I will not stop until a task is done. I don’t like to have work and worries hovering over my head.

When you have any sort of creative or personal business that deals with customers, the thought of the product or service not coming out right in the customer’s eyes is a killer.

What if heart and soul was poured into something and the customer did not like it?

Let go. It is not good for your character, mindset and emotional well-being. It is soooo not worth it.

There is the Buddhist mantra, “let go or get dragged” is a great reminder to let the negativity go before it drags a person down. Rather than dwell on mistakes, we should learn from them.

As a business owner, I join the ranks of other entrepreneurs that have made mistakes along the way. From a simple transaction error, to a marketing campaign gone awry. Or completely failing, to rising like a phoenix and building a brand new empire. Essentially, the mistakes and failures cannot make decisions for the future.

A business is not perfect. It is not full of Stepford bosses and employees who do not make mistakes, errors, connections or transactions. Let go and just do. Business is all about the risk.


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