YA Highway’s Roadtrip Wednesday #168: What do you love about writing?

This week’s topic over at YA Highway is: It’s (the day before) Valentine’s Day! Let’s jumpstart the lovefest by blogging about what you love most about writing (and/or reading)!


Conrad Hall said it best: “Painting and writing are solitary arts.” Preach on.

I love writing for that thought. It is the ONLY reason why. Writing is a task that is done by myself, a self-proclaimed control freak who enjoys getting lost in her own head. It is the only chance to mold people, create life and develop a story line that goes the way you want it to. Have I proven to you I’m crazy yet? I think I just outed myself. Cue the maniacal laughter.

I work and have worked around people. I have written before as writing is my solace and time to be alone. A task to some, a period of silence for me.

I love a good story, and I love hearing about people’s lives. My grandparents have great tales of the Great Depression, Elvis, traveling, making a modest living owning a farm and business. My parents’ adolescent hi-jinks in the 1970’s, my dad’s musical past, slumber parties and school dances my mom went to…

I don’t look back on my past, only others. The only exception was for some anecdotes for FLOUR CITY BLUES. I rarely use myself as a story I have a great appreciation for history and place it with my characters as much is I can.20130213-145732.jpg

In FLOUR CITY BLUES,  the story was set in the present with flashbacks to a moment in the characters’ pasts. I made sure both Jeff and Josh were well-rounded with music and exhibited an appreciation for different genres, the existence of vinyl and liking what their parents listened to without being an ironic teenager wearing a Rolling Stones tee shirt from Target.


2 thoughts on “YA Highway’s Roadtrip Wednesday #168: What do you love about writing?

  1. Where else, other than in the pages of a book, do you get to experiment with life and situations without causing physical harm to real people? 🙂

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