Road Trip Wednesday #163: Goals for 2013

This week’s Roadtrip Wednesday topic over at YA HIghway is:

What are your goals for the new year—for reading, writing, or other?

gray and tan

I still have a pile of books lying on my floor waiting for me to read. They span from YA, Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, nonfiction quarter life crisising, as well as a growing pile of EntrepreneurInc.and Fast Company. Currently my time allows me to read through an article, if I’m lucky, an entire issue.

I’m working on organizing my time, including downtime from any business thoughts, which seems to be the main occupier of my brain. Along with that pile of magazines and books, I do have a stack of papers I constantly carry around in my backpack filled with my notes and outlines for future books. I carry them along with the intention of completing at least a page of an outline during a dead moment at the shop or during a free evening. The marred edges, coffee stains and folds from being shoved away into the depths of my bag only show that writing is my lingering passion that still holds on while my other passion of baking eclipses word crafting.

My goals for this year? Continue to grasp that other passion. Continue to find time and read more to continue being inspired to write the next thing.



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