of breakdowns and uplifts

jack kerouac quoteBelieve me, Jack. I am so trying.

The entrepreneur life is a double-edged sword. Life is absolutely grand not having to answer to anyone while carrying on with tasks that are enjoyable. On the other hand, that magical green stuff that gets you through life is the keeper of all personal sanity in the business world. This article spells out the general paradox of self-employed happiness v. stress, which in my mind is basically justifying that jumping the steady job ship and entering risky, choppy waters is not a crazy idea.

What spawned this was yesterday’s mini breakdown when a cupcake was flung against the wall, butter cream and crumbs exploded all over. A flood of thoughts and feeling came to surface as well as the heavy chest and rapid breathing. The realization that something I have wanted so badly had finally come to fruition and the stress of building and opening seemed to have happened so fast, I have not had a chance to give the business an outsider’s view.

Now, one of my resolutions—ugh, goals (sounds better)–is to find time for myself and designate times for business and non-business, which has not been placed into action yet. I only know this as I found myself the other morning being woken up by sound of the snowplow just outside the shop door. Late nights are frequent and the work must be done, but these days/nights that basically seem like one long day are a crazy fast track towards to a breakdown.

(((Overcoming a nervous breakdown while self-employed)))

As a solopreneur, how do you organize and keep a cool head?


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