six month blogaversary


Much has changed in the last six months. I finally released a book that I’ve been working on for five years, found a home for Cakes a Go-Go, taking the plunge and finally leaving my job.

It is simply short of catastrophically life-changing in many mood-altering ways. I’ve said goodbye to routine (uck!) and live a more carefree agenda with simple structure. I’m up all hours plotting marketing ideas, which also means I have said goodbye to sleep.

Has it been worth it? Seeing pleased customers, yes. I cannot say it has been worth it completely since everything is in the infancy stages. Work is hard. Time is precious. I could also use a haircut. I’m already feeling run down, and have experienced more back-breaking strenuous work than I have at any other job—still I would not trade it in for anything else. Call it mania.

The last few months I have experienced more realizations in both myself and business. It is all an improvement game. If there is a day where I don’t make sales quota, I have grown to mentally beat myself up. “What did you do wrong today?” I seem programmed to blame myself, but I try to talk myself out of the negativity. I take the fuel, add it to the rolling ideas I have and think: WHAT WILL MAKE TOMORROW BETTER? A catchy slogan on the sign? Better weather (can’t control that though!)? More Facebook posts? Visiting other merchants?


I hope to report back in another six months with a different update, sounding refreshed and relieved.


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