the broke and bitter girl’s guide to business


I’m pissed. I cannot tell you how many times my blood boils over *inspirational* business sites, personalities and advice schemes that claim to get you what you want in business.

Work on your dreams!
Discover your road map to success!
Get what you want now!

Shut up. Seriously. Work on my dreams? A road map to my success? Stop it with the cliches and get on with the nitty gritty. Have you ever been sold into the jargon and found yourself back at square one? What were they talking about? I don’t know either, mate.

Oh, and get what I want now?! Sure, why don’t YOU open up some free space for me and help me get that place up and running because its not going to materialize out of thin air after I drafted my road map to success.

I’m working on a new project. Without charts, paths of desire and road maps. THE BROKE AND BITTER GIRL’S GUIDE is written with that tough love approach to get you off your ass and moving to the world of self-employment. No beating around the bush and no Oprah-isms. You’re GONNA LOOOOOOOOVEEE IITTTTTT! You get a business! You get a business! (Sorry had to!)

I feel the best ideas are fueled by ambition, deep passion and not some hack with a best selling idea that a publisher picked up on to sell to people living on hopes and dreams only to feel even more confused after reading the joy-luck story of a gajillionaire. Take your passion, grab it by the cajones and go with it even while you’re trying to survive without making money in the beginning.

As I grow with my business, I’m ready and willing to share my ideas and experiences…no road map necessary.


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