Lyndsey Dee’s day off, initiating change

On Monday, the shop is closed, but what do I do when there is a day off from Cakes a Go-Go?

I’m still working. I may be home, but I do focus on the marketing, planning and brainstorming for the business. I also try to write an article or two for Examiner, work on one of my future books, do some laundry and make sure I catch my once-a-week viewing of The Chew. It is my most productive day in terms of executing the most work that ten people should be doing.

This time of year is expected to be crazy at the shop. We have acquired orders big and small to fulfill outside of the retail supply and demand that goes on everyday. There is a major issue when being self-employed and boss that you usually tend to overlook when business planning–and that is getting sick. I have had a pesky cough for the last few weeks and not until Saturday night, I wiggled under the covers only to feel a pop on the left side near my ribs after a large and powerful cough. Sunday morning, I woke up to pain and clutching my side after every cough. Spent the day wearing an elastic bandage around my ribcage and popping painkillers. So today as I plan and brainstorm, I’m “learning” to take it easy. This also prompted me to make a few personal changes, or goals to work on this week.`


Let’s face it, I can’t stay away from it. I’m working on blogging more, increasing my clips portfolio, the books, product copy, web copy, etc. etc. etc. It is my therapy and best form of brain medicine when you want to escape the stresses of the business.

Stress less, worry less

Easier said than done when it comes to business. Money is ALWAYS on the brain. There are methods to eliminate negative thinking, which I plan to look into. No one wants a negative boss. I do find meditation hard to get into, only because I consider sitting with my eyes closed and breathing a time occupier. I plan to find other methods and report later on those. This leads me to my other goal/area of improvement…

Time Management

If I could do this, maybe I could just implement a stress-free regimen. If anyone who knows me, when I have multiple projects I bring out the planners. I am re-initiating this method again. First, I have to see things from a month’s perspective. Deadlines, bills, important dates, etc. I have a small pocket monthly calendar to visualize how much the month is demanding from me. Next, I found myself a weekly planner. This way, I can work in smaller chunks and plan my week accordingly. Does this double calendar method work? It does for me, only because it takes the idea of writing things down often with the expectation of remembering. Repetition equals memorization.

Take Time for Self

I do not do this and I know I should. No time for myself creates burnout, which is something I’m already experiencing. It is scary so early on in the game to feel burned out. If I can get these goals to work, I can actually pencil in some time for myself. I have read in a few blogs that offered “self time” tips, including retail therapy. Hmmm, what if you’re absolutely skint while working a start-up? Can you get a professional haircut or manicure? A massage? A shopping spree at the mall? A new pair of shoes? (probably doable, but not if you’re budget conscious)

I’m going to find some free or extremely cheap methods to kick back…other than exercise, television and the usual suspects.

These are my goals this week. Do you have any of your own? What are your methods of kicking back?


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