For every positive reaction….eventually there is a greater OVERreaction


If I didn’t not expect any of this to happen, I would not have gone through with it. I forced it into my mind that this would be the hardest thing you can ever endure. Say goodbye to sleep and social outings. I fully accepted the terms and conditions. These are the obstacles of being an entrepreneur, I just never planned for near-debilitating anxiety on a calendar. You can’t make time for them anyway. They pop up like a nasty zit before the prom.

What I’m getting at is the crash, boom, bam of the business being official. It’s all exciting when you are in the planning stages, the painting, the actuality of a crowd filling up the shop just to see what you have to offer because they saw an article about your business. When the excitement wanes, you unexpectedly hit the wall, inducing shock. The realization of being a “business owner” and “boss” have permeated my brain. I have responsibilities, orders to fulfill, prioritize the profits and make sure they go back out to pay for the necessities before I can pay myself, which may not be often until there is a consistent cash flow.

I also have the stupid notion of challenging myself. I have a weird sense of logic that it is character building—this so-called “challenging myself.” Yesterday, I was in the midst of working on a customer’s cake when they called, can they pick it up a half hour early? I should have told them that the time we discussed would be the time to pick up the cake. Instead, I told them it was fine. I hung up the phone and looked at the clock and realized I had 20 minutes befothe the pickup. Stupidstupidstupid me. Then again, the challenge! I wanted to rest my abilities under pressure. I tend to work well under pressure. I started cranking out roses for the top of the cake, and making more butter cream for the cupcakes they ordered along with the cake. Sounds okay, right?

Well, everything was finished after telling myself to keep calm (totally fearing irate customers), forgetting to shut off the mixer while I poured powdered sugar (powder explosion!) and slipped on the wet floor. I wanted to run away from the scene.

My heart rate went back to normal when the cake was picked up. I received the compliment that it was beautiful. Mission accomplished, I just nearly sabotaged my overall well being for a challenge or self torture?

The bakery is in its infancy stage of being held in a retail location, a location is small right now to take on employees. I honestly don’t have time to train or pay anyone knowing full well they personally have to drive sales upward to receive a paycheck, and for me to provide insurance. It is too much of a gamble, more than starting business itself right now. I have a firm grip on products/demand, the baking, the books and marketing right now without distractions, even if I do find myself spending the late hours or the whole night at the shop.

Anyway, those folks I don’t see anymore? Well, I’m lucky to have the most wonderful people in my life who stop by to purchase cupcakes to show off to acquaintances, bring me food (busy as I am, I forget to eat), offer company or to drag me away from the shop for a while. They are the cheerleaders, sending therapeutic texts and encouraging quips.

Breathe, they say.


I should really listen to them.

Slow and steady wins the race.

What am I learning or trying to adapt into my business life?


    • The power of positive thinking/letting things go-there may not be an answer for everything, at the moment–or ever.
    • Let go of things you cannot control.
    • RELAX! This is a big one I have to learn, which I firmly believe I am incapable of doing so….idle hands…
    • Sleep. Wait a minute, here….
    • Time managment skills….yeah need to fine-tune those…


Take a deep breath…exhale…


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