…and with that, I thank you

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It is marked by the 30 days preceding of nothing but Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff films, then a night out at the bars dressed like morons while we down the drinks and laugh at the shitshow of girls dressed as sexy nuns, baseball players and police officers.

Tonight, I peeked out the shop window to see pink princesses and Spider Men walk around the village in the hopes filling their neon-colored pumpkins. I returned to work on my budget sheets and realized a wonderful mistake–finding a surplus in the month’s sales. Oh joy!

The the first official “whole” month of being open, the fears have lightened, although not disappearing entirely. I have managed to create a great line of products, repeat customers and a buzz around the community to not just make rent, but pay off some of the bills and bring extra into the next month.

To my business friends, this is major. Opening as quickly as we can, managing to pay for everything from my hard-earned savings and not having to dig back into my pockets to pay bills this month.

In this short time of being open, we’ve already been picked up for regional exposure, not necessarily franchising, but when the word is official, I will be blowing the herald to herald the announcement. Hint: it will involve traveling. *love!*

And with that, I thank you all. The hard work and sacrifice will pay off.


With thanks,


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