YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday #154


This week, YA Highway posed the holiday-appropriate question:

What’s your favorite scary book or movie?

I have always stakes solace in old Hollywood films and the classic horror offerings from the late 1920s-1950s. From dark and dreary, to the campy cheesiness of an atomic or alien takeover.

There is something wonderful going on in those films, mainly those Lugosi/Karloff films where the richness of black added to the suspense. Sure, the film to us visually was black and white, but the natural shadows and light add to my quirky romanticized appeal for these films. White Zombie opens with a funeral scene, although you cannot see the exact details, but the natives singing and celebrating the deceased at night sends a chilly shiver down the spine. Lugosi’s Dracula, lurking in the shadows with his crazy-eye glare is another.

I don’t think anyone can replicate Frankenstein’s monster coming to life scene like original. Beautiful and thrilling.

I go as far as Romero’s Night of the Living Dead in terms of appeal. I tend to see the 1970’s slasher films as predictable with nudity.

My dad told me when The Exorcist came out, it was the scariest movie he ever saw. Sure, a head-spinning, pea soup spewing possessed girl would scare anyone in the 1970s. It was cutting edge–now look at what we have today. The Exorcist would have nothing on what comes out today…all that paranormal…whatever.


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