Writing as therapy for the jaded

I have mentioned lately that the urge to write is coming to a head again. Bubbling, boiling and flowing over the edges into a mass of sticky, starchy goo spreading all over, only to dry into a matte, crusty stain that needs elbow grease to remove.

There are two ideas that have been tossed around in my head and I have finally chosen the one that I’m going to move forward with. I tend to write about what I’m feeling at the moment and this one is the one which will conjure emotion and past memories to ensure full authenticity. I normally don’t write autobiographically, but this one needs to be written. Of course, I’m being vague here, but I am not writing about a single character–I’m writing about nine. Nine mutual friends who are thrown face-first into a quarter life crisis. They deal with heartache, heartbreak, job hate, job confusion, moving in and moving out. Some may use alcohol, drugs or sex to cope….some may be I denial.

Why write this? As I live out the last years of my 20’s, I have experienced the quarter life crisis phenomenon that I feel needs to be more than an article in Psychology Today. Since it is a rarely covered topic in the field of psychology (being that we are in denial and shamed of therapy), it should be recognized to show that the depression and jaded thoughts come with a college degree for some. Sure, there is the mid-life crisis signified by the stereotypical sports car and young lady in tow. The quarter life is all about that in-between and with today’s economy, most young adults don’t end up with a career they planned for in college. Hello, tailspin into despair!

So so so, I’m writing “1/4” for us jaded folks. I feel I’m not out from the tunnel yet, even though I finally published a book and started a business. There are other outlets that are not fulfilled yet.

So until the eyes burn, or the sun rises, telling me I have to start the oven, I’m commencing the start of this next book. Writing is therapy for the jaded…myself.


2 thoughts on “Writing as therapy for the jaded

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