wanting more books to add to the brood, and I’m not rich–just saying

Things are finally falling into place. I have learned to have patience in the world of business, especially when dealing with the town, waiting for a sign permit and acquiring signs. Permit finally received and now I’m waiting for signs to be posted on the shop. Irks me to be open and be a completely unmarked building.

One thing I have noticed with some acquaintances is that starting a business does not mean you’re rolling in dough, completely rich and have it made. It takes money to start up (quite a bit) and a while to build up once again to replenish what you put in and make sales to pay for the fixed expenses. Sure, someday (soon?!) I will be making money, but I’m not rich right now. Just clearing that up now.

I’m getting really excited about starting the writing process again on a couple novels. Is this the author’s idea of becoming pregnant or wanting another child/pet? That desire to have another little bouncing novel to have around the house (and around the world)? Ehdunno, but that’s my take on it.

I want to write another book…or two.

Research is in full effect. During my downtime I have been immersing myself into mob movies, Googling various Mafia families and catching up on previous episodes of Little Steven’s Underground Garage. I have a great mob-related young adult novel up my sleeve. I still have a quarter-life crisis-esque novel in the works as well. It is going to fall more into the category of New Adult. If you don’t know “New Adult,” consider “50 Shades of Drivel” a commercial example…or any chick-lit style novel that can easily be made into a Katherine Heigl movie. This is going to be different.



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