YA Highway’s Roadtrip Wednesday #147

So to push me to be a little more active in posts about writing, the lovely gals at YA Highway have an ongoing series of questions they ask fellow bloggers to respond to and post on their respective pages. This week’s Road Trip Wednesday question is “What do you use to write?”


Of course, my work is written on Microsoft Word. When I proofread and edit after I’m done, I love the ability of being able to print out 4-6 draft pages on a single sheet–saves on paper. I was not able to do that on Works program which was on an older computer that I used when starting Flour City Blues.

Before I start writing, I tend to make notes, an outline and write pieces of scenes in a notebook. I also carry a small, pink leather notebook — “The Notebook of Awesome”–that contains doodles of scenes, quotes and other things that I come across that I need to remember. If I were to lose it, the person who would find it would find the pages to be highly amusing, cryptic and entertaining.


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