out of chaos, comes order

I am finally getting over the busy bee hump and organizing time between business and writing. As of today, the bakery had opened its doors, and we made our sales for the day. Pretty damn good-especially when we don’t have building signage yet.

It is not poor planning, not the least on my part. I’ve been aiming to open and with so many setbacks and wondering where on the priority list is my paperwork, I finally received the “A-OK” to open all within a day. The excitement filled, baked a whole bunch of sweets and unlocked the door.

I know after our grand opening hoopla next month, the exposure may increase, but I finally feel I have a schedule that may actually permit an increase in writing. I have some interviews coming up soon on some blogs, as do I have some content to post from my friends who offered to help celebrate the book release.

It does feel nice to have some sort of structure that can allow my interests to come through. I’m slowly promoting Flour City Blues, and I’m always down for an interview, guest post or offer content for a review.

There are a couple outlines that are waiting patiently for me to start looking over and develop into the next book–or books–to be written. I am moving past the YA for now and focusing on NA, New Adult with these next projects. I tend to write within the realm of my mental state and how I feel at the time. These stories are arriving while I’m at the cusp of a “depressing quarter life crisis” and “finally getting my shit together.”


I’m definitely pleased to reaching the point of “finally getting my shit together.”






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