If I build it, will they really come?

ImagePanic, fear and extreme alertness kick in when you are investing your life and savings into a venture. Each week, I’m seeing the account amount get smaller and smaller as more money needs to buy this or more money needs to pay for that service. I already knew of the expenses, but no one shed light on the other obstacles you may encounter, such as the dreaded town code enforcement. I obviously knew I’d need clearance from the town, but the hassle makes you just want to stop and ask, “What the Hell did I get myself into?” and “Is this really worth it?” I honestly hope there is an end payoff for the frustration and sunken feelings knowing that there seems to be money leaving and going to a metaphorical garbage can.

You have to spend money to make money, right? Of course, we all know that saying and that is what you have to do as an entrepreneur. Except, the thought that so much has gone out and we’re not open yet absolutely terrifies me. If you build and build and build a place and open, will they come? Did the dream become something I will lose my shirt over?

I have dreamed very long now to open my own little shop–and apparently to my landlord, the people are asking. Even a woman who asked him on the street why our place had a microwave and are we REALLY MAKING EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH? Oh, the lookie-loo’s, they crack me up.

Anyway,  just hope they show up and make a line that snakes around the building upon opening.


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